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Are you an evangelist at heart and would like to make a difference in one person's life or maybe hundreds?  I challenge you to print out the "Fishing Lures" bulletin board template and order some handout cards from Vistaprint per the instructions. Once you have the hand out cards printed you can start to pass them out individually.  Find churches, restaurants, small businesses, and even AA meetings that will allow you to put up the "Fishing Lures" template.  Make it a weekly job of checking each location for needed refills.

Click to order hand out cards - Front

Depending on your computer configuration a box may open asking if you want to open or save the file of the front or back of the card.  Before you can open the file you will need to save it on your computer.  On some computers the file may download in the lower left hand corner of your monitor and you only need to click it to open.

Click to order hand out cards - Back

Click to print the Fishing Lures Template

I agree that the words I am using on the hand out card are very personal and frightful for most, especially the unsaved.  It is meant to be exactly that, to get people to the website and hopefully contemplate the path they are on in this life and understand Jesus is the only answer.

If the wording is not to your liking you can change the text in the attached WORD document and print your cards.  To get people to the site you will want to leave the website's URL address on one or both sides of the card. The trick is to make the card so interesting that people will not just throw it away, but will make it a point to check out the website.

  To order cards go to and use their easy upload file page to load the 2 WORD documents to order your cards.  If you don't see the actual business card there with your text on the Vistaprint edit screen, call Vistaprint at 1-866-614-8002 and they will help you. 

If you have questions you can call Rodney at 508-259-2689.

I keep a stack of cards in my truck and wife's Prius and use these to pass out as I do errands.  I always have a dilemma in not knowing how many cards to take with me to Home Depot, Wal-Mart or where ever I am shopping.  I solved this recently by adding a second cell phone carrying case on my belt to carry 30 or more cards. Today I just gave blood at our hospital and gave out 5 cards to the nurses and one to the receptionists as I left the building. This solves the problem very nicely and now I am never found without cards. :)